Thursday, October 8, 2009

The nights are so long knowing you aren't here beside me to greet me in the morning. I feel as though I've been ripped away from you, my dear.

Your smile is the only smile I seek in the crowds every evening, and the only one I miss while I'm gone.


I feel so lost without you to keep me strong- every song feels empty without you to hear it.


I landed in Glasgow this morning, and the crowds pressed around me. My bodyguard kept them back, but the crushing feeling wrapped around my heart wasn't their fault. It was my own for leaving you alone while I'm away on this tour, my sweet Petunia.

I wrote the song before I was enchanted with your presence, but the words express the ache within me just the same. Every night before the final curtain falls, I dedicate this song to you.


"When will our eyes meet? When will I touch you? When will this strong yearning end? And when will I hold you again?"

Wait for my return, my beloved Petunia!

My heart is ever yours